Turk Tech Corner

Kahoot it!


6th graders have found a new fun way to review for their math tests. Kahoot has been a great new interactive tool that students are using at Tremont Middle School. It is a website that allows teachers to design online quizzes or surveys for the students to take using a mobile device or tablet.


Teachers can design a quiz to be used as a review game or a survey for students to use during class. Each student can use an iPad (from the new iPad cart available for teachers to check out) or their own mobile device to sign on and play along. The question and possible answers are projected on a screen and then students use their device to click on the right answer. Kahoot provides instant feedback for the teachers and students to check their understanding. Students seem to love Kahoot as it has been a fun way to bring technology into the classroom! 



Recently in Technology Integration class, the 8th graders created tribute videos for Veteran’s Day using the iMovie App on our iPads. Students were thankful and respectful of our Veterans and it was beautifully displayed in the videos. Job well done 8th graders!