Class Expectations

Band Class Rationale

The reason I teach band is due to my love of music!  It has the power to express the deepest emotion.  It also can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a day.  Students should graduate the band program at Tremont with the ability to be an active participant in community/collegiate musical activities.  Band also provides instruction in discipline, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork.

Student Leadership

This is your year!  The students will determine the goals and success of this band program.  A group of students will once again be nominated as the section leaders, which will regularly meet to discuss current issues of the program.  While the director will provide necessary guidance and education, the program cannot succeed without the determination of each member of the band.  The group is capable of great things!  It is always more fun to perform well, so let's do it!

Practice Expectations

Students will be expected to come to class with materials prepared and well rehearsed.  The band will be as good as the students work to be; it is that simple.

Performance Expectations

Students will be expected to arrive at all performances by the announced time, with uniform in place and necessary equipment prepared.   If for some reason a student is unable to attend a concert, written notification to me from the child's parent is expected within 48 hours of the announcement of the date.   Students will not be excused for work purposes.  If a student is excused, an alternate activity will be given in order to make up the work.  If unexcused, the student will receive a failing grade for that performance.

Students will be expected to stay for the entirety of the concerts in which they perform.

Leaving the Room

Students will be expected to take care of using the restroom between classes.  Should an emergency case occur students will be dealt with on an individual basis.  Every time a student leaves the room they will need to sign out and sign back in when returning.


In order to allow for maximum learning time in all classes, students will be expected to arrive to class on time.  Students should be in the room and located in their appropriate seat with all necessary equipment within a reasonable time limit.  Students will be dealt with according to the school policies listed in the student handbook.

Candy, Food, Drinks, Etc…

PLEASE… no candy, food, gum, or drinks in the band room!  They are bad for the chairs as well as your instrument.

Instrument Care

There is a large investment made when purchasing instruments for band class.  Whether a student is responsible for the care of a school instrument or their own instrument, all students will be expected to treat equipment with respect!  Students are not allowed to handle equipment that is not their own.  Also, students caught treating an instrument disrespectfully will be subject to the discipline procedures of the class.

Technology Usage

Technology provided through the band department will be used to reinforce music theory as well as aid in some basic composition projects.  Students will also be taught throughout the year how to use their computers to improve their musicianship.  Students will be allowed to use computers only with permission from Mr. Hillrich.

Grading Procedures

In an effort to make band evaluations more meaningful, a variety of tools will be used.  Grades will basically be based on work in the following categories.

  • Written Work  

  • Computer Work

  • Performances

  • Class Participation   

  • Playing/Written Test

The grading scale will be the same one adopted by the entire school this year.  Please consult student handbook for grading scale.

Make-Up Work

Reminder on make-up work policy:

If a student is absent and that absence is excused, the student has one day to make up the work for every day missed.  The teacher is not required to allow additional time in most instances (for example… if a concert review is due on a Monday and a student is absent (excused) then the student can turn it in the next day, Tuesday)

If a student is absent and that absence is unexcused, then that student CANNOT make up the missed work at any time. For example, should a student skip class on a test day and it is unexcused that student will receive a zero on the test.

Mr. Hillrich's Classroom Management Plan

Rules for Mr. Hillrich's Classroom

  • Only handle equipment or belongings that are yours

  • Must be ready to start class, in your seat with necessary items (music, stand, pencil, etc...) within a reasonable time limit.

  • Show respect for all classmates and teachers

  • Display only a positive attitude in every class


The following are a list of the consequences that may be used for not following the rules in Mr. Hillrich's classroom:

  • Warning

  • Removal from situation/Conference with Teacher

  • Detention with Mr. Hillrich/ Parent Contact

  • Office Detention/ Parent Contact/ Regular School Detention

  • Immediate office referral as well other consequences